Ms. Nelly Alvarez bailando bomba de Ayala

“The Artes” represents the various artistic mediums dating back to our ancestors the Taino’s to present day.

“The Artes” program includes culinary, language, media, music, language, performing arts and more!  Our community based programs are designed to keep our heritage and culture alive.  Our programs enhances diversity by bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in a judge free and safe environment.

From Bomba y Plena to Salsa to Latin Jazz to modern day music our heritage lives. By continuing culinary delights; a mixture of African, European and native influence our heritage lives.  From Taino petroglyph to folk art to “caretas” to art inspired by Jose Campeche, Francisco Oller, Nayda Collaza Llorens and others our heritage lives.

Through “The Artes” we strive to share our culture and heritage with everyone and promote a creative economy for artist.  Through a creative economy “The Artes” promotes the belief that the arts, the culture sector and local economic vitality are connected in many ways.

Arts, culture, and creativity can:

  • improve a community’s competitive edge;

  • create a foundation for defining a sense of place;

  • attract new and visiting populations;

  • integrate the visions of community and business leaders; and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce

    Also, PRCC is your connection to professional artist.

    If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring an artist or wish to make a donation to “The Artes” program please email  us or complete the form below today!