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Dra Idali, UMass Boston Gaston and PRCC team making an impact

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center Executive Board and its directors are very excited about the opportunity to begin a strategic partnership with the UMass Center in Springfield (UMASS).

It is through our history in the community, recent work with UMASS, collaborations with other partners, and social network, that we believe that there are valuable opportunities for cross-promotion.

Established in 1978, the PRCC has worked to increase education and cultural arts opportunities to the Puerto Rican and Spanish-speaking community in Springfield.

Marilu Medina and Brenda Reyes PAD educators

Throughout the years, we have become one of the longest standing Latino-serving institutions in the region, with a history of providing ESL, GED, and other education services.  With UMASS support for training, planning, and a space to hold a public forum, we recently delivered a year-long public health multimedia and survey, the Por Ahí Dicen (PAD),” campaign carried out by the Maurico Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy related to the communication issues that Puerto Rican mothers face when talking to their children about sex, sexual health, and sexuality.

We recently provided multiple opportunities for community dialogues and trainings related to public education and for executive planning sessions.  In 2017, PRCC is gearing-up to tap into our partnerships to work towards achieving the mission of being “… an inclusive and innovative organization that empowers, engages, and unites the community through the arts, education, and cultural celebrations.”

PRCC is working with the Gastón to launch a follow-up public forum to share data outcomes of the PAD project.

We are also working with Gastón to address the issue of obesity in the Brightwood neighborhood of Springfield.

With local artists and our partner, the Puerto Rican Cultural Project in Holyoke, and Casa Latina in Northampton, we will hold forums and events to raise awareness of the Puerto Rican Diaspora and Latino culture.  With support from institutions of higher learning, such as the Elms College, Springfield Technical Community College and UMass/Amherst, we are also poised to institute a renewed English as a Second Language program.

We are here for you, to develop cultural programs from bomba y plena to showcasing the magic of el cuatro, from film festivals to culinary events, advocacy and education.

Video from Por ahí dicen multimedia campaign