“Research finds connections between community-based arts education and greater understanding of others, tolerance, and openness to collaboration…”



Radioplama  Podcast and media platform dedicated to conversations and the exchange of ideas from a multi-cultural community in Holyoke, MA.
Music, Arts, Storytelling, Performances, Creative projects and randomness. Hosted by Iohann Rashi Vega.

Vaya con Muñoz Conversations on the arts, culture, media and politics on WHMP Talk Radio 1400 AM/96.9 FM from Northampton, MA. Hosted by Natalia Muñoz.


El Sol Latino. The only Latino-led newspaper, founded by Manuel Frau Ramos. Covers current events, opinions, culture, sports.


Presencia on WGBY Public Television from Springfield. Hosted by Verónica García and Produced by Vanessa Pabón.

PRCC proudly supports our media efforts.  PRCC will conduct topics related to our culture through Radioplasma.  We will post our media efforts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and under our web page “Events”